Day 8:51 am

  • Sleep Disorders Equals Poor Health.

    In my meanderings through the BBC News Health Section last night, I have to admit I had to stifle a hoot of laughter when reading their report “Insomnia Damages Relationships According to Study“.

    Reporting on the study by the Mental Health Foundation, it states how lack of sleep can be responsible for depression, lack of concentration, poor relationships and immune deficiency.  It further suggests how these issues can go on to effect the economy as a whole, obviously through decreased productivity.

    This is where I laughed!  Talk about stating the perfectly obvious!  We’ve all expereinced late nights or not getting as much sleep as we should and then having to work the next day.  Can’t concentrate, everything seems to be more of a chore than usual and all you want is for the day to end so you can go home and back to bed.  I remember one military exercise in particular when I was still serving where they purposely allowed us very little sleep.  They crashed us out every few hours.  It got to the point where I was laid in my shell scrape on guard duty and I was hallucinating badly!  Sleep is the body’s way of rejuvenating, healing and resting.  It follows then, that a lack of sleep is bound to have an effect on our immune systems, laying us open to anything from the common cold to more serious diseases.  The mind is also affected as a few nights poor sleep starts to set up and expectancy that you’re not going to sleep well in the nights to come.  This is a real downward spiral!

    In my experience, insomniacs tend to fall into two distinct categories.  Those who cannot, for whatever reason, get to sleep and those who cannot stay asleep.  People who cannot get to sleep tend to find they cannot quieten their minds.  They need to learn how to empty their mind and to stop it endlessly flitting from one thought to the next.  Those in the latter category usually have a disrupted sleep pattern and need to learn a more routine pattern into which to settle.  This can mean initially keeping themselves awake until the early morning so they sleep right through.  Once that is achieved they can start to go to bed a little earlier each night.

    So the trick is learning new habits and how to relax the mind, both of which hypnosis is highly efficient at achieving.  It can be a miserable feeling to be constantly tired or not able to sleep.  But there is no need to put up with it!  It can be addressed.

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