Oh My God! It’s Dark!

  • Yes folks, it’s that time of year again, where the nights are noticeably drawing in again.  We’re waking up in the dark.  We go to work in the dark and soon will be coming home in the dark.  Most of our waking hours seem to be taken up with the drudgery of earning a daily crust with only a brief respite at the weekends.

    I am perhaps rather lucky, in that my schedule allows me to do things I want to do in daylight hours as well as the fact I intensely enjoy my work anyway!  But thinking back to my Army days, I can certainly empathise with those who find the darkness of the Winter months rather less appealing and would be forced to admit, I’d take Summer over Winter any day!

    These months seem to foster a certain negativity in people.  Those that hate their jobs and struggle to drag themselves out of bed in the Summer certainly seem to be at a disadvantage in the Winter when they have to switch the lights on to enable them to get going as well.  We used to say that people who suffer noticeably from depressive type symptoms have got the Winter Blues! In line with human nature though, we have actually named this unfortunate behaviour as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) and categorised it as a “mood disorder”.  Whether the irony of the acronym (SAD) was intended or not I don’t know but would find that “sad” in itself if it was.

    There are many theories as to what is going on physiologically in a SAD sufferer, the most popular of which hypothesises that the body produces less of certain vitamins and hormones in the absence of light.  Research would seem to, at least in part, bare these theories out which is why if you were to be diagnosed by an NHS GP or specialist you’d probably find yourself sat under a very bright, very expensive and hideously over-price lamp for hours on end.  However, being a mood disorder, the use of hypnosis can also have a marked affect and would be a lot cheaper.  Admittedly though, research into the use of hypnosis in these cases is scant and patchy at best.

    That said, the few times I have been asked to address this issue, hypnosis has had a wonderfully beneficial effect and the individuals concerned now no longer dread the onset of the winter months.  I await the first phone calls with this issue already!


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