New site running!

  • Ok so here we are!  Some time ago I decided that my old site was not putting me out there as well as it could.  For one thing it was static!  It never moved, it’s content never changed. 

    I tried to integrate a blog into my old site which didn’t work and I feel my attempts and colourful language would have made for a lot of laughs amongst the more seasoned bloggers out there.  So after much advice from various sources I decided to completely re-build my site from scratch (although I still messed it up and lost the whole lot once).

    Much wailing and gnashing of teeth later here I am!  New site, integrated blog and the ability to do a lot more with it a lot more easily.  In the coming months I’ll be posting regularly on matters of hypnosis, the power of the mind and perhaps more importantly giving you some tips on how you can utilise the power of your mind for your benefit!

    I’m sure the site will also get the odd tweak and new pages here and there too as I continue to educate myself in this weird and wonderful cyberworld.  Now where was that backup button?  Think I’ll keep the old site handy as well… Just in case I have to fall back.


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