Can You Use Hypnosis For ………………… ?

  • As a hypnotherapist, I get asked a number of questions time and again on a regular basis.  You can almost tell which question is coming next when in conversation with someone who has just found out what I do.  Not that I tire of answering these questions of course.  I speak with a pssaion on all things hypnosis.  But the number one question I get asked, I think is:

    Can you use hypnosis for: _______________________??  (Insert clinical ailment, tiresome or inappropriate behaviour, self limiting belief or faulty thinking in the space provided.)

    If you’ve already had a wander though the pages of this website, you will have noted that there is quite a list of “stuff” that I’ve commented on.  Thus it would follow that I am saying hypnosis can be useful in these areas, but this list is not exhaustive by any means.  Merely and example of the more common issues a hypnotherapist is asked to deal with.

    Learning hypnosis for yourself, i.e. self-hypnosis, and practising it regularly is ultimately one of the best things you can do, both for your mind and your body.  In learning and becoming qualified to assist others with hypnosis, it has obviously become something of a way of life for me.  I utilise it daily and often.  I could write ad nauseum about the number of ways it has helped me.  This is why, I encourage any client I have to utilise self-hypnosis for their own benefit.

    Asking a therapist to assist you in addressing whatever issue you have inserted in the space above is one thing.  The therapist adds another perspective to your issues and is a guide in your addressing them.  But becoming your own hypnotist and utilising hypnosis on a daily basis as a way of life, has a therapeutic power beyond imagination!


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