I’m Off to The Olympics!

  • Long term followers of this blog will already be aware of my involvement with this year’s Olympics.  Firstly as a volunteer, then as a Selection Event Volunteer (SEV), interviewing many applicants in Weymouth and now as a volunteer Making the Games themselves happen!  They don’t call the volunteers Games Makers for nothing you know!

    We used to have a saying in the British Army… “Volunteer for nothing!” but I really do feel that does not apply to the Olympics!  After all, we’re about to stage the biggest party on earth and it quite simply would not happen without all the high calibre volunteers that are giving up their time and in most cases, holidays, to help make the games a reality.

    Now I’ve got my official acceptance, I can look forward to the events themselves as they unfold.  I’m really excited at the prospect of meeting new people, working hard, having a lot of fun in the process and becoming part, in my own small way, of the biggest show on Earth!



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