The Power of Choice.

  • I find myself, for whatever reason, reflecting on the power of choice today.  Choice is quite simply something we do every day but just don’t think about.  Even when we do think about it we often don’t grasp the power that lays behind our choices.

    I’m starting to ramble aren’t I?  But today I choose to ramble because that’s the kind of mood I’m in.  Of course, I am incredibly focussed when I need to be but right now I rambling because I want to and there’s no reason for me not to ramble when I want to.  Confused yet?  You should be.

    Well anyway, I like to use the humble old tree as a metaphor when thinking about choices.  Beneath the ground you have all the roots, spreading out, holding the tree firmly in place.  This represents our ancestry.  The myriad of different people that are our family, stretching back through time.  The base of the tree is when we were born up through the tree trunk which is our past.  When we come to the place where the tree branches out, that is the here and now.  The present where we are faced with all of the choices we can make.  Each branch representing a different choice.  You can’t change the past.  The tree trunk is a single thing, strong, sturdy and there’s no way you can change it.  But by the choices we make now, we have an infinite number of ways we can progress up into the canopy of the tree, the future.  Where there is a bad choice, that branch may wither and die, but good choices keep the tree growing, up toward the life giving warmth of the sun.

    Choices have the power to make us feel amazing!  Doing something because you choose to do it is empowering because you want to do it.  Forced choice is not so good, and somewhat tricky to feel good about.  Obviously, sometimes we will make the wrong choice.  That’s life, and where learning from ones mistakes comes in.

    Go on, empower yourself and choose to do the things you want to do, as well as the things you have to do.  I promise you, you’ll feel far more motivated about yourself!


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