Dare to be Different!

  • A great many blog posts published today will, of course, focus on the fact that it is Valentines Day and shamelessly endeavour to link whatever they are doing or their business marketing into this yearly outpouring of soppy sentimentality.  Indeed, you might argue that this post, having mentioned the fact that it is Valentines Day in it’s opening sentence, is no different. 

    But being of a firm belief that one should not need one special day in the year in order to profess ones undying love for those nearest and dearest to you, that is where my mention of the “V-Word” stops rather abruptly.  I’m not even going to pander to the cynical view that this is one of those days or traditions that has been seized upon by the greetings card companies and florists in order to inflate their prices and make a quick buck!  I just want to dare to be different.

    Having the courage to be different (from all the rest) marks you as having that courage and certainly makes you more noticeable.  Often I’ve had a client that has made remarkable progress and undergone quite profound therapeutic change only to become “stuck” and seemingly unable to progress any further.  Once you have cut away all the excuses for not wanting to move on, it will nearly always boil down to our old friend FEAR.  There is always a fear of being different.  A little voice in the back of our minds that says “If you’re different then people will notice you”.  But is that such a bad thing?

    In marketing, they talk with age old wisdom about having a “Unique Selling Point” or USP to use their jargon.  When all is said and done, that is merely a company daring to be different from their competition.  Being different in this way enables them to stand out, to be noticed.  Indeed, even my practice has a couple of USPs.  The fact that I don’t time limit my sessions (whereas most therapists will restrict a session to an hour) and the fact that I travel to see the client and deliver the therapy in the comfort of their own home are ways in which I have set my practice apart from the many others. My USP.

    Being different is a positive thing and not something to be thought of as negative or even worse, not normal.  Daring to be different can fill one with a profound feeling of pride in who you are or the job that you do.  And it will ALWAYS get you noticed.  Go on…  Dare to be different and what’s more, have fun doing it!


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