Is Technology Making Us Lazy?

  • Watching an article about a forthcoming summit designed to address how to make our old friend the SatNav better on the BBC Breakfast News this morning, I find myself again wondering if all this technology is starting to make us a little lazy.

    Road ClosedI have my own SatNav stories of course.  Many of us do.  Perhaps the most humorous of these is the time I found myself faced with a permanent “Road Closed” sign up a country lane that was not much wider than my car, meaning I had to reverse a good mile back down said lane with me muttering something unsavoury under my breath.  Some local joker had thoughtfully gratified the “Road Closed” sign with the words “SatNav ERROR”.  Would the same have happened if I had relied upon the good old map or, God forbid, even the road signs?  I seriously doubt it.  One contributor emailing the programme helpfully advises that people should not throw out their common sense with the box their shiny new SatNav comes in and I for one would say this is profoundly helpful if somewhat obvious advice!  Perhaps advice I should have followed myself when ducking and diving down narrow country lanes in an unfamiliar area.  SO definitely in the case of SatNavs, I feel that technology has made us lazy!

    I posted in this blog some time ago regarding a piece of research that appears to indicate the Internet is changing the way in which we memorise information.  According to the research we no longer memorise chunks of information but where we can find it if we need it.  For example, if I needed to know the exact wording of a quote from a well known psychologist or philosopher for inclusion in here in a blog post, I might not remember it.  I could probably go to my extensive library of various text books, but can I remember which book I saw it in?  Instead, I feel sure I would simply tap a search into the likes of Google or Wikipedia and get far quicker results!  So you see, I’ve not remembered the quote itself but where to find it on the Internet.

    So are we getting lazy because of technology?  I think quite possibly we are!  Don’t even get me started on Smart Phones!


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