Hypnosis in the Workplace

  • Is there a place for hypnosis in the workplace?  I often attend networking and other business meetings where other people are always intensely interested to hear what I do and may even retain my services to address one issue or the other.  But, when I suggest that hypnosis has a place in the workplace (pardon the pun), I am very often met with looks of incredulity!

    I firmly believe that this is simply down to fear!  Nothing more, nothing less.  Of course, employers would dress it up in all sorts of excuses and even self-limiting belief.  Obviously companies are trying to economize as well.  Often the Training and HR budgets are the first to bear the brunt of such economies.  So when it comes to doing something different for your lowly employees, all this and fear usually step in to stop it.

    It’s a shame really.  There are many benefits of hypnosis when utilised in the workplace.  A general rule of thumb would argue, the more stressful the work environment, the better the benefits of calling in a hypnotherapist.  The hypnotic state can be an intensely relaxing experience, the very antipathy of the state of stress.  Teaching employees self hypnosis enables them to do this for themselves too.  Having a stressed workforce can not only lead to many employees being signed off with stress itself, but also lowers the immune system.  So it is likely that your employees will catch any or all of the latest bugs going around and it will rip through them like a wildfire in the Australian Bush.

    Many companies around the world employ hypnosis within a health and well being programme for their workforce.  Many more don’t, and probably don’t even have a programme like this.

    Is there a place for hypnosis in the workplace?  Of course there is.  Just as any hypnotherapist could highlight the many advantages of hypnosis in dealing with any number of complaints, there are just as many advantages to employing a hypnotherapist to assist your workforce in being all that they can be!


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