ANOTHER 37 Pence!!!

  • So yesterday’s Budget saw another hike in duty on our old friend cigarettes.  Another thirty seven pence on a packet of twenty!  Another 37p your average 20 p/day smoker GIVES AWAY to our tax man!  Possibly one of, if not THE biggest hike in duty on tobacco!

    This is a short post today, but do I really need to do the numbers for you?  I posted a number of tips on the quitting smoking thing a couple of days after National No Smoking Day.  Some of you may have successfully put down your lighters and crushed your last fag package since then.  Of course many won’t.  There’s always a reason, an excuse to keep doing the same stupid thing.  THIRTY SEVEN PENCE!  That’s another £2.59 a week!

    Only five years ago the cost of the average 20 x pack of cigarettes was around £4.50!  I think only fuel duty has risen further.  But of course we need fuel to get around, WE DON’T NEED CIGARETTES!

    We give enough of our hard earned cash to the tax man every year.  Do you want to give him ANOTHER £134.68 on top of all the money you’ve wasted so far on this habit?  Or do you want to be able to go on that holiday this year, apart from all the other obvious benefits?

    It really is a no-brainer isn’t it?  You know where I am!


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