Chocolate Doesn’t Make You Fat!

  • Apparently.  A study of 1,000 Americans appears to show that the regular consumption of chocolate actually makes you leaner!  Well that’s blown it for all the people I’ve assisted with removing the craving for chocolate hasn’t it?  Well no, not really because as with anything, too much of a thing can be just as bad for you.  Even the healthy stuff!

    But I caught this on the BBC Breakfast News this morning, and of course my ears pricked up and I had to go and find out more.  This led me to this article on Bloomberg (of all places).  Thankfully, the article is using the right language and would not inspire anyone to now go and kill the EU Chocolate Mountain.  Even in it’s opening paragraph it uses the phrase “deserves more study” and words like “suggests” to show that there might be something in this “survey” so you should hold off from stuffing your face with Cadbury’s finest offerings until the proper research is conducted.

    And that’s just the thing isn’t it.  This was merely a survey.  Not properly designed and constructed research.  Therefore, it’s findings should of course be treated with caution.  The cynical side of me has even thought that perhaps the chocolate industry has somehow had a hand in this survey and are treating the results with a hopeful eye on their sales figures.

    Of course, other studies have also highlighted the possible benefits of regular chocolate consumption such as reduced risk of heart disease, blood pressure and we know what an effect a nugget of the brown stuff can have on one’s mood!  But, the fact that this survey does not take into account the types of chocolate consumed, the participants exercise regime or indeed what else they may or may not be eating is where the need for properly designed research becomes apparent.  As far as I can make out, there wasn’t even a control group for comparative purposes.  So more research needed.

    At the end of the day, too much of anything can be bad for you and this is part of the ethos I teach my Weight Management clients, especially when they are so surprised when I tell them I’m going to teach them how to eat and not what to eat.  Everything in moderation is fine.  I have the odd chocolate bar.  I’ll even confess to the odd visit to McDonald’s or the Kebab Shop.  But, it’s in moderation and I take plenty of healthy exercise.  So I’m not going to beat myself up about the odd cheeseburger because I’m not eating too much of it.

    Now, cup of tea, milk (full fat) and two sugars.  I might even treat myself to a chocolate biscuit… Yummy!


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