Emotional Behaviors in Teachers Improved By Meditation

  • This useful study previewed by Medical News Today before it’s upcoming detailed publication by The UCSF shows  yet again how the ability to quieten one’s mind can be extremely useful in today’s fast paced, modern world.

    Frustrated TeacherThe lead author Margaret Kennedy Phd states “The findings suggest that increased awareness of mental processes can influence emotional behavior”.  Having such a positive effect on the emotions of a profession that has become known as stressful can only benefit the young people that are being taught by a teacher making use of these techniques.

    Meditation, of course, is a fundamental part of many religions and individuals general spirituality in the World.  Far too many of us live our lives with our foot firmly pressed down on the accelerator pedal, not giving ourselves chance to rest, breath and become mindful of ourselves, both physically and mentally.  I would even suggest that it’s not only teachers that can benefit from such a programme.  I’ve also posted before on the similarities of meditation to self hypnosis when another study was published suggesting that Transcendental Meditation could benefit soldiers.

    Meditation tends to be focused on self awareness, whereas hypnosis tends to be used to facilitate change of one sort or another.  That said, I feel there is very little difference in the actual state.  They both involve relaxation and focus and as such whatever this state is called is just semantics in my opinion.  If it helps the individual, group of people or professional group then you can call it Blue Polka Dot Sausage Vibe for all I care.

    I look forward to reading the study in more depth.  Especially in view of my forthcoming workshop with this professional group in July this year.  Now… relaxation music on… legs crossed in sitting position… relax and…. “OOOooohhhhmmmmmmmmmm”


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