Womb Cancer Deaths Rising – Obesity to Blame?

  • Reported on the BBC News this morning are the latest figures from Cancer Research UK suggesting that womb cancer deaths ‘are rising’.  The report goes on to suggest that this country’s growing obesity figures are at least partly to blame.

    Womb cancer death ratesA staggering rise of 43% p/100,000 women dying of uterine cancer has been reported and whilst survival rates are also up, one would argue that it would be far better not to succumb to the “Big C” in the first place.  You could also argue that the increase in women submitting themselves for testing through diligent adverting campaigns and improved testing systems would also have an effect on the statistics.

    The BBC report arbitrarily suggests an increased risk through obesity, indeed studying the press release from Cancer Research UK themselves merely states that obesity doubles the risk.  Notwithstanding this, however, we all know that obesity has already been linked to a number of other cancers and we know carries an increased risk in other areas of our health like heart disease for example.

    I have posted ad nauseum in this blog regarding weight issues.  Specifically on the slimming industry that I personally believe encourages “yo-yo dieting” as they love nothing better than the repeat custom of someone who’s put the weight back on.  But, perhaps this really is a wake up call for all those people who have those extra pounds.  This includes those that would have you believe they are happy in their bodies and see no reason why they should diet.  For those I say, read this report and think again!  We really do need to be a lot healthier in our bodies.  Apart from the emotional gains, we run less risk of succumbing to things like “The Big C”.

    So lets look at ways of slimming down and keeping the weight off!  Let’s address those emotional and core issues which have had us eating inappropriately in the first place.  Addressing those is like the healthy eating and exercise regime, it makes it far easier to shed the pounds, yet in doing so the weight stays off!

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