Psychologically Pushing It

  • With the London Marathon taking place this Sunday and, indeed, how could we miss the fact about some small event known as the Olympics looming large in our calendars, we often hear of sports people pushing themselves physically.  But, we hear less about the psychological set up of being able to push oneself to the very boundaries of one’s endurance.There will be many people on the start line this Sunday for whom this will be their first marathon, possibly their only marathon.  Many will have found a charitable cause to run for and those who are just running for themselves.  But, common among them all will be the fact that Sunday will be the culmination of much preparation and training.  Months of plodding the streets building themselves up for the big day.  So it is little surprise then, that all these people will be psychologically in the right place.  They’ll be focused on the job at hand and as I have pointed out in previous posts on sports hypnosis, a kind of hypnotic trance will descend across their minds.  Willing them on.  Whether that be for a charitable cause or for their own personal goals, they’ll be psychologically as well as physically pushing it to be the best they can be.

    Having completed a number of marathons myself in the past, I know just how they’ll be feeling right now, in the last couple of days before the big event, especially those who are running for the first time.  Now is the time to be focusing your mind.  Practicing the course in your mind.  So if and when the negative thoughts like “I can’t do it” or “I’m not going to make it” arrive in your mind, you’ll find it incredibly easy to push through them and focus on all the positive gains you are getting out of it.  Remember, it takes twice the energy to think negatively so don’t waste that energy.  You’ve trained.  You’ve prepared.  You’ve given up a lot of time to be there and run on the day.  So GO FOR IT!!!

    Good luck one and all running in the London Marathon this Sunday.  The thoughts of an ex-runner are with you!


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