Dieting Makes You FAT!!!

  • Following on from my seemingly incongruent statement about chocolate not making you fat made in a post a little while ago, I’m now going to tell you that dieting actually makes you fat!  At least that is what an analysis of over 30 long term studies in this area would seem to indicate.

    Reported on at length in The Mail Online, the article focuses on a broadcaster by the name of Jenni Murray who would appear to have suffered a great number of failures regarding her weight over the years, most notably a distinct failure after trying out the controversial “Dukan Diet”.  In short, she is yo-yo dieting.  Jenni has now gone for a Weight Watchers programme and feels she has finally found a diet that suits her.  Like the author of the article points out, we must applaud Jenni’s perseverance and I too wish her all the luck in her weight loss endeavors (even if I do expect them not to work).

    But, let’s look past the personal side of this article, Jenni’s story and look more closely at what has lead me to entitle this post in such a sensationalist way.  The science, study and research.  There are a few things that immediately jump out at me as worthy of highlighting:

    • Research reported in The New England Journal of Medicine, that a “dieter’s” hormones become something of the enemy, prolonged periods with less calorie intake make the body react as if they were starving and needing to put the weight on.  Levels of an appetite-stimulating hormone, ghrelin, were about 20 per cent higher than at the start of the study.  Conversely, levels of an appetite suppressing hormone, peptide YY, were unusually low.
    • A further study hypothesizes that, where an individual is “yo-yo dieting”, some primitive part of our minds switches on to suggest we need more food to cover the lean times ahead.  Kind of like a bear going into hibernation for the winter.  Eating to gain the weight to tide it over until the more plentiful times of spring returns.
    • Another study has indicated that our bodies learn to burn fuel (calories) far more efficiently than might otherwise be the case.  Muscle samples taken from volunteers of the same weight show that the individual that has had to lose weight burns the calories far more efficiently than the individual who was naturally that weight.  It isn’t known how long this affect lasts.  Some suggest as long as six years, but it shows how, once off any given diet, the body will treat an increase in calorie intake by turning it into fat (again).

    I could go on with many other interesting snippets of research but all will show much the same thing.  When we diet, our bodies react in such a way as to at least make it very easy to pile the weight back on.

    I have always said (and will continue to say) that it isn’t good enough merely to eat less (diet).  It simply doesn’t work!  We must address the psychological issues behind our eating habits as well.  Something that most diets simply neglect to do!  I have spent a lot of time and applied much experience and knowledge gained through research to my 5 Step Weight Management Programme.  It is designed to get you to your target weight and keep you there, but guess what?  I do this by addressing your eating habits.  I teach you HOW to eat again, not WHAT to eat.  In this way, the weight comes off at a steady and healthy rate but above all IT STAYS OFF!!!

    To me, this really is a no-brainer!  Shell out loads of money for the latest fad diet or slimming industry programme and run the risk of your body lashing back at you… AGAIN!  Or pay for a programme that has been proven to work, get the weight off and keep it off!  Your choice!


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