Are We Driving Ourselves Crazy?

  • Interesting question.  Those of you that know me personally and, indeed, followers of this Blog, will already know that I own Huskies.  I’ve even gone as far as to call them my own therapy.  Recently, however, I got into a conversation with fellow therapists and Husky owners.

    Huskies pullingOne fellow Husky owner and therapist mentioned how one of his huskies is often in the room or around when conducting a session.  He has noted how sometimes he can pick up on mood swings etc in his client, because he notices the change through his dog.  Not because he has noted the change directly.

    I feel it is certainly true to say that dogs and much of nature does have that “sixth sense”.  One often hears how people trust the intuition of their dog rather than their own when meeting someone new.  I have posted in this blog before regarding The Therapeutic Effect of Animals, but it wasn’t until someone mentioned how animals “just live” and thus their minds are uncluttered by day to day trials and tribulations, that my train of thought led to the question “Are we driving ourselves crazy?”

    For the most part, a dog (or any animal for that matter), just lives.  It is true to say that they have certain basic instincts designed to give their species the best chance of survival.  Procreation and the hunt for food (herbivore or carnivore) are the two most basic.  Many species will have the rudiments of society where they live in packs, herds or similar groupings.  “Pecking orders” are sorted out and the rest of the pack lives by that order.  But, other than these rudimentary issues, it would be true to say that animals just live in the present.  The past doesn’t concern them.  It’s been and gone.  Other than certain simple learning like “Don’t go back there again, there’s some bloke with a fire stick protecting those chickens”, an animal will just simply live in the present.

    It is true to say that you have people like “The Dog Whisperer”, Cesar Milan, who says that he “Trains humans, and rehabilitates dogs” in his dog psychology center.  If you think about this philosophy, however, you could take it as proof that human beings not only send themselves crazy, but other species too!  Cesar is rehabilitating dogs where humans have gotten the relationship with the animal wrong, which has then led to unwanted behaviors in the dog.  He changes the way humans relate to their dog and hey presto, you have a healthy, balanced dog or pack.

    So by being the most intelligent(?) species on this planet, by being the most sociologically developed, are we send ourselves crazy?

    Rowan Atkinson Wibble


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