Tales of The Unexpected

  • Just recently, I have had a good few clients who’s issues have been very much affected by expectancy.  Whether that’s because they have lived with their particular problem for so long and expect to continue living with it or whether they have been pleasantly surprised when the negative doesn’t happen regardless of whether they expected it or not, expectancy has played a part.

    I recently assisted one client address a phobia they had had for many years.  This was one of those pleasing cases where the phobia was released within a couple of sessions yet I found myself dealing with the clients expectancy.  They expected the issue to take a couple more sessions and couldn’t quite believe they had released it so quickly.  Not having the issue anymore kind of left a black hole where the issue once resided because it happened so quickly.

    Then there’s other examples where the client expects to feel bad on a daily basis.  They can’t quite divorce themselves from whatever causality has befallen them in the past and allow these factors to continue affecting their behavior in a negative way.  But the expectancy doesn’t help.

    All of our actions originate in our minds as thoughts.  You can kind of think of thoughts as the currency of our inner selves.  At the most basic, we may facilitate an action completely automatically thus becoming unaware of the process that has gone into that action.  Scratching your nose for example.  Nose itches, brain becomes aware of itch, provokes thought that one must scratch said itch to alleviate the annoyance, one scratches.  You see the process, but we do all this without much conscious thought whatsoever.  So where expectancy comes in is by invading these thought processes.  We expect to feel bad thus we feel bad.  We expect something to take a long time will mostly mean it will take a long time.

    In this way, expectancy is kind of an annoying habit that you can’t shake.  If you allow yourself to expect things in this way then the likelihood is that is what will transpire.  Put expectancy on hold for a while.  If you expect something to be a certain way, look at the evidence that suggests it will.  Does that evidence stand up to scrutiny.  Most of the time it won’t.

    Dare to be surprised by tales of the unexpected and remember, as man imagines himself to be, so shall he be. And man is that which he imagines – Paracelsu.


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