That First Little Step (Or Perhaps A Big One).

  • I’ve spoken before about how hypnotherapists are often the last resort.  The person everyone goes to once they’ve tried everything else.  I’ve also spoken about how often recovery from whatever issues we have been asked to address can be measured in little steps.  But what about that first little step on the road to addressing one’s demons?

    First Little StepsNosing around Facebook as one does, I stumbled across this picture which really rather struck a chord with me.  I have to admit to usually passing pictures of this nature by as, although many of them are clever and have a modicum of truth about them, they all tend to recycle the same old cliches.  However, as I said this one resonated with me and I think it’s because I’ve had a number of clients lately who have clearly had to pluck up a lot of courage to pick up the phone and speak to me, let alone actually book an appointment!

    In this context, the first step is often the biggest one. You have to firstly admit to having an issue that needs dealing with (as per the Holy Trinity in a previous post).  Then (and this is especially true for hypnotherapists), you have to get over all the stigma.  The stigma that you want/need help in the first place, then the stigma that we hypnotists will make you squawk like chickens (which of course we won’t).

    But, once you’re past all this, realize that you don’t have to be able to see the whole problem! Think about it.  If you did, then you probably wouldn’t need our help in the first place.  Once you’ve had the courage to take that first step, then you really can fly!



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