Integration of Hypnotherapy Into The Tourist Industry.

  • We all know that things have been rather financially tight over the past couple of years.  Economies from across the World have had to tighten their belts and one might argue that nobody suffers more in these austere times the the Leisure and Tourism Industries.  So I have to say it’s rather refreshing to see some thinking outside of the box going on.

    This report on the website suggests that the integration of holistic therapies, including hypnotherapy and acupuncture into their holiday packages in the Cayman Islands is starting to pay off!  Of course, spas and pampering packages in the hotel industry are nothing new.  Many of the hotels in the local area here in Bournemouth off such facilities.  But, none (that I know of) offer the likes of hypnotherapy.  To my knowledge, you have to go really up-market to the likes of the Champney’s resorts before you start finding such things on offer.

    Clearly, the hotel and leisure industry will benefit from the Olympics this year and no doubt this will give a much needed injection of revenue into the industry, but what about when it’s all over?  Integrating holistic therapies into spa breaks and other various packages can only be a good thing in my opinion.  Not only for the business, but also in being able to open up these evidence based therapies to individuals who might not have entertained the idea otherwise.  Why not go on holiday to relax, oh and lets address that nagging phobia while we’re at it?

    I invite any hotel, fitness club etc. to contact me to discuss just how this could be beneficial to them.  Go on, I dare you to think outside the box!



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