Calling All Educators!!!

  • Just for a change, I’d like to use today’s post to advertise something very exciting.  A partnership with the learning provider – New Bubbles, here on the South Coast of England, to present a one day workshop – “Effective Communication & Influencing Skills – A Teacher’s Toolkit”, taking place on Thursday 5th July in Cosham Hampshire.

    The idea for this workshop came to me after I’d been chatting with an old colleague of mine, himself a teacher.  He’d pointed out how he’d love to have the skills of a hypnotist in his every day dealings with his young charges.  Not because they were running rings around him or anything like that, but he wanted to be able to inspire and motivate them without them even realizing it.  If he could do that, then the imparting of the knowledge he had to give them would be far easier.

    Above all else, a hypnotist is an expert communicator!  He will use the nuances of body language, linguistics and be ever mindful of the way in which the client represents the world around them, closely matching his own communication to it in order to have the best chance of communicating the ideas and thinking which is required.  A good hypnotist will be able to re-frame any negative thinking into the positive to facilitate the ultimate feeling that an individual can do it and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

    The workshop focuses on these skills to empower any educator to give the best to their students.  There are still a few places on the workshop so click here to book your place.  I look forward to seeing you there!


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