The Importance of Feeling Supported

  • Those of you who know me will know that I am an avid Formula 1 fan and whilst watching the Silverstone  Grand Prix last weekend, I noted how a discussion between Eddie Jordan, Damon Hill and David Coulthard highlighted how important it is to feel supported.

    Silverstone is home to 8 of the 12 Formula 1 teams who very much treat the circuit as their home race.  A number of drivers, even if they aren’t British also live near the curcuit and state they feel they are coming home when racing at Silverstone.  But, the support the British fans show for the British drivers is phenomenal!  Indeed, it was mentioned in the discussion above how this support gives you half a second when racing around Silverstone.  In a sport where gaps between drivers can be a few thousandths of a second, half a second is extremely valuable, even if it doesn’t sound like much.

    Of course the Wimbledon finals where also being played over the last weekend.  Murray mania took hold as he was the first British player to reach the final in over 70 years!  I have to confess I was amazed that he went one set up to begin with and did give Federa something of a run for his money.  Let’s face it, Federa is in a class of his own and Murray did well against him, but was the fact he did do so well down to the amazing support he was receiving from the fans?  I think it would have a lot to do with it and I think he would be the first to admit it as his tears during his speech at the end bears testament.

    Whilst in the Army, I was involved in a number of operations in various places overseas.  Some where whole-heartily supported by the British public.  However, there were times when there was a very loud voice of disapproval.  No matter, we went and did the job we were paid to do, but I can tell you, it was always far easier to commit fully to an operation when you felt fully supported by “Joe Public” back home.  Far less so when you knew that you didn’t have their backing.

    In therapy too, I’ve always found it easier to elicit positive results in a client when that client is supported by their family or those closest to them.  The client doesn’t have to worry they are doing the right thing by their family when at the end of the day, the therapy is about them and nobody else.  Having this support means their mind is on the job at hand and there is less pressure to get results quickly just so they can tell their nearest and dearest “I told you so”.

    Positive support from the people that matter to you, whether in sport, your job, at home or just life in general is worth its weight in PLATINUM!  Are you able to give the support needed to those around you?


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