Do You Nod Off to The TV?

  • Here we all are, readying ourselves for the TV marathon that will be The Olympics.  Many of us are very excited at the prospect so no doubt will not be nodding off in front of the goggle box.  But, many of us do, quite regularly let ourselves drift off before we get completely square eyes (myself included) and the question occurred to me;  Does it effect our mood?

    Given that it is commonly accepted thinking that we drift through hypnotic state when drifting off to sleep and that whilst in hypnotic state, our minds are highly suggestible, does the fact we’re in this state with the TV still spouting gibberish at us effect our moods or possibly even how we think?

    One thing that would seem to support that it might, is that it’s common knowledge among Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) and the surgical profession that if a patient is anaesthetised for a surgical procedure in an anxious state, they will regain consciousness in that state.  How they go out is how they come around.

    Of course, a therapist utilizing the hypnotic state for therapeutic change will carefully craft their language into suggestion to give the best possible chance for the change to occur and this is clearly absent in the often mindless drivel that is being broadcast these days.  But, is there a chance, however small, that whatever we nod off to will effect our mood when we wake up?

    It might be that going fully to sleep will “wipe” anything that has been taken on board whilst drifting through the hypnotic state.  That said, I’m sure we’ve all experienced waking up in a foul mood.  “Getting up on the wrong side of the bed” is a phrase that springs to mind in this context.  There would appear to be no reason for waking up in such a mood, or is there?  Did we nod off to the telly the night before and something that was on whilst we were nodding off made us anxious, fearful or perhaps something we didn’t agree with.

    If there is a chance that this effects our moods, is it healthy to nod off to the TV?  Shouldn’t we just switch off as soon as we feel ourselves drifting?  I’d welcome any thoughts or comments on this one.



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