Hypnosis for Stress in The Workplace

  • How often do you hear people report they are stressed?  The word “Stress” has even become part of our vocabulary, for example “I’m so stressed out” or “Will you stop stressing”.  In this modern day world, stress in the workplace is not only something that employers should be aware of, but also something that employers must be seen to be actively addressing under Health & Safety Legislation.

    But here’s the catch.  It is practically impossible to pin it down.  You will have heard me explain before how we all perceive the World in different ways, all based upon our experiences up until this point in time.  Thus, what is stressful for one person, could be a walk in the park for someone else.  Some people simply thrive in what we might label a stressful environment but react to other things in quite an unexpected way.  So perhaps we shouldn’t be labeling the environment as stressful but watching for people’s reactions at work.

    There are a plethora of knock-on health considerations for someone who is stressed.  Quite simply, the immune system is lowered so they will seem to pick up any ‘bug’ that’s doing the rounds.  Cardio-vascular function takes a hit as well as the fact they probably won’t be eating healthily or in a healthy way.

    Currently, employers must have a robust “Stress Management Policy” in place under Health & Safety Legislation.  It’s also a good idea to back this up with training and a “Stress Audit” to highlight problem areas.  Many employers have fallen foul of not having such a policy or only paying lip-service to it.  There have been many cases of companies being sued under Health & Safety Legislation where employees have been signed off with stress and the employer has been found wanting in this area.  This is such a shame for two reasons.  Firstly, it is so easy to actually make yourself Health and Safety compliant in this area and secondly we go back to the difficulties in pinning it down.  Because we all react in different ways, there are those who can and will “pull the wool” in order to get signed off work.

    Of course, you can have good stress (known as eustress) as well as bad stress (distress).  Getting married, for example, is near the top of the Holmes/Rahe Stress Scale, yet it’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life (all joking aside of course).  One way of combating stress, whether good or bad is to learn self hypnosis.  As hypnosis is a completely natural state of intense and focused relaxation, it is the complete antipathy of stress.  Being able to calm you mind as well as your body not only relieves stress symptoms but has a whole host of other health benefits.  Bigger companies would do well to use hypnotherapists to teach their workforce these self hypnosis skills as part of their stress management plan.  Indeed, some companies in America and other parts of the World already do!  If nothing else, your productivity is almost guaranteed to increase!

    Details of my Corporate Stress Management Training can be found by clicking the link.


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