Learn to be Fearless (Again).

  • What would you say if I told you there is a part within us all that is completely fearless, has no anxiety and really couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks of us?  Many would say that if there is, they can’t get at it but I can tell you that it is possible to connect to that part of ourselves and learn to be fearless (again).

    The observant among you will note that I keep adding “again” when I talk about learning to be fearless.  Why?  Because all of, without exception, where once fearless.  All of us once had no anxiety and certainly no cares about anything, let alone what people thought of us.  Of course, I’m talking about when we were children.

    I remember swinging as high as I could on the swings and then letting go to see how far I could propel myself.  I remember going down the park, climbing a tree at one end of the woods that lined it and seeing how far I could get transferring from tree to tree.  Climbing around the the frame of the old derelict part of Shanklin Pier on the Isle of Wight where I grew up.  All these things an adult would be at least wary of, if not completely fearful.  But as a child I had no fear.

    We learn to become fearful of these things as we grow and mature.  The awful “What if…” question becomes firmly embedded in our minds.  What if I fall?  What if I haven’t got the strength to hold on?  What if I break my <insert appropriate appendage here>.  What if people laugh at me?  All the questions that quite simply didn’t occur to us as youngsters.  Naturally, there are things it is quite appropriate to be a little fearful of.  I wouldn’t put my hand in a fire having switched my fear of it off for example.  I have a healthy respect for fire and that is quite rational.

    For some and for whatever reason, some fears become compounded and so strong that they affect our behavior.  When these behaviors are seen as irrational these fears are labelled phobias.  True to say there are a couple of fears we were born with (a fear of loud noises and a fear of falling over).  Call them instinct if you like, but every other fear, bar none, is learnt.

    So being able to re-connect with our childhood fearlessness is an ability that really is rather valuable.  Being able to let go of adult concerns and just getting on with it instead of trying to do something because your anxious or fearful of it.  Hypnosis really is a wonderful tool to be able to achieve this.  All you have to do is learn how to do it for yourself.  My number is on the Contact Page 😉


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