Ever Wondered…?

  • Have you ever wondered about hypnosis?  Are there things you’ve always wanted to ask yet have never really had the opportunity to do so with someone knowledgeable in the field?

    Often, one of the first things someone says to me when meeting me for the first time and then finding out what I do for a living is, “Really? I’ve always wondered…” before going on to ask if it can help with X, Y or Z issues that have been plaguing them for years.

    Well tomorrow, Thursday 20th September 2012, I have agreed to make myself available in the Waterside at the Allendale Community Centre in Wimborne, Dorset to answer any and all your questions about hypnosis, what it is and most importantly, how it can help YOU!

    It’s completely free, unless of course you choose to stay on and sample the wonderful food the Waterside has to offer.

    Ever wondered…?  Then come along and find out!


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