Confidently Complaining

  • It would seem in this day and age that we often have to complain in order to get what is owed to us or to highlight some way in which we have been wronged.  Companies that get far too big for their boots are often the source of most people’s complaints these days.  It seems the bigger they get, the worse their customer service becomes.  Almost as if they lose sight of the very people they are providing a service or product too.  Unfortunately, many people lack the confidence to complain so these corporate behemoths tend to get away with much more than they should!I’m not on about complaining for the sake of it.  There are people who complain about the colour of the sky for example and will carry on complaining about every inconsequential issue they come across should you make the mistake of lending them your ear.  But, when you have been wronged, left out of pocket, or simply suffer poor customer service, we should all have the confidence to tell people about it.

    Just recently, through mis-selling and mis-information from my telephone company (who shall remain nameless because I really can’t be bothered getting into a question of libel with them), I suffered the loss of my practice telephone line.  I now have the line back albeit with a different number because the previous one has been “lost” (their words).  But the only reason I got the line back at all was through my having the balls to complain and furthermore threaten to take the whole matter to their CEO and inform the industry watchdog OFFCOM.  The complaint and the case for compensation (as I now have to change all my business cards etc. and the loss of custom) is ongoing, but I’m fortunate.  I have the confidence to do it.  I really do feel for all those people who lack this confidence.

    I work with people’s confidence whenever they come to me with an issue.  Regardless of what the issue is, I will always boost the confidence as well.  Hypnosis is a wonderful way to boost your own confidence and self-esteem.  It doesn’t matter who you are either.  You can appear to have the most confident manner possible outwardly, but be a cowering child underneath.  I have never once had any client say that they didn’t really need the confidence boost.

    If we’d all be a bit more confident, these big companies certainly wouldn’t get away with blue murder anymore!


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