The Bali Bombings – 10 Years On.

  • Tomorrow (12th October 2012), marks the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Bali Bombings in which 202 people of various nationalities sadly lost their lives.

    Clearly, there will be many events to mark this sad occasion and enable us  to pay our respects for those that died and rightly so.  Such atrocities are abhorrent and those that commit them must be shown that no matter what they do, they cannot break our spirit.

    But, on this sad occasion, let us also think of the 209 people that survived with awful injury and that continue to bare the scars of that awful day.  Also think of all the people to which we cannot give a statistical number.  Those that were spared the physical scars of injury but still have to come to terms with the mental torture of an unjustifiable event that no human being should have to go through.

    Many, even most of these people will have dealt with memories of that day quite appropriately.  But a good deal of them will be suffering mentally.  Many more will have locked thoughts of that day away, unable to face them, yet they fester deep in their minds, waiting for the day that somethings triggers their re-emergence to taint that persons life with events long gone.

    This is where so called statistics for PTSD sufferers fall down.  Yes, we can say that 202 people sadly lost their lives and a further 209 were injured.  But take all the people directly involved in the incident together with those that tried to help in the immediate aftermath and the emergency services.  These people have, by now, moved on around the world.  Coupled with the often delayed onset of PTSD symptomology makes it nigh on impossible to keep a handle on how many might be suffering PTSD as a direct result of the event.

    Polly Brooks, reported on the the BBC Breakfast News this morning, not only lost her new husband but also many of her friends.  Naturally, we see a great sadness in her eyes when she was interviewed, but she has managed to move on.  She has re-married and had a family.  Even set up a remarkable charity in aid of burns victims.  “His (her husband’s) death shall not be in vain, but I will do more good than they (the bombers) did evil” she said.  Well done Polly, we salute you and the good you are doing.

    But, 10 years on, should you have cause to pause and remember those that lost their lives and those that were injured, spare also a thought for those carrying the invisible mental scars that we so often, too often hear nothing about.


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