People Watching

  • Sat in my local community centre today, answering questions about hypnosis for anyone that cares to ask, I can’t help but watch people.  How they behave, their body language, everything but what they are actually saying to each other.

    It’s something that hypnotherapists in particular are very good at picking up on.  Regarding the fact that it’s accepted thinking, that only around 7% of all human communication is the words we speak then perhaps it’s a good thing that we are so good at it.

    Think about it.  How the inflection used when saying a sentence can give it completely different meaning.  How if we use our bodies to provide an animated, even passionate emphasis to something, it passes on that passion to the audience receiving the communication.

    This has often been demonstrated by the stage hypnotist.  Derren Brown in particular conducted one particular experiment where he first mirrored and matched the body language of a member of the public in the middle of a cafe, then started to lead him into hypnotic trance.  No words were spoken, yet the man found himself quite comfortably in hypnotic trance.  So logically, we should be placing a lot less importance on the words we speak, but instead ask ourselves why we sometimes take things the wrong way when the intent was clearly something else.

    People watching today, I could gauge the mood of many, many people.  I could even have a good stab at what was being said.  The ability to read body language, almost automatically is imperative in any of the talking therapies, but perhaps most important for the hypnotherapist to be able to best help the people that come to him for help.


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