Can You Measure Happiness?

  • A report on BBC Breakfast News highlighting a piece of research by the Office of National Statistics (OFN) asks that very question.  The report suggests that the most unhappy people do not come from the most deprived areas in the country, perhaps questioning the notion that money makes you happy.

    I’ve commented and observed on this sort of thing before.  Clearly, most people that retain the services of any therapist are usually unhappy with something or other.  There is something which is detracting from their daily quality of life and if resolved the happiness and well-being will automatically be positively affected.

    The fact that being wealthy does not necessarily equal automatic happiness is not a new idea.  Obviously, having enough money can help.  You can do the things you want without the obvious anxieties of how you’re going to feed the kids this month.  But, money (or at least lots of it) can bring its own problems, in turn detracting from one’s happiness and well-being.

    In order to be happy, you have to consider what makes you happy, set goals to achieve that happiness and strive to achieve them.  But it must all been done with balance.  I’ll give you an example.  You take my advice and identify that one thing that would aid your happiness would be a promotion at work.  You set a goal in order to achieve this and you start to throw yourself into work in pursuit of that promotion.  But, what suffers in order for you making that extra effort at work?  Typically it would be family life.  Less time with the children.  No time to help your partner with daily routine.  A resentment sets in, arguments become more frequent and clearly happiness will suffer as a result.  The world of NLP came up with a wonderful tool to enable you to consider the balance you have in life called The Wheel of Life.  Click the link to be taken to my explanation of it.

    I consider myself to be extremely wealthy.  Happiness is with me on a daily basis.  But, I haven’t got so much money that I can just go and spend without a care.  Far from it.  I consider myself wealthy because I get up in the mornings knowing I’m going to enjoy what I do in the day.  My happiness comes from that.


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