The Weight of a New Year’s Resolution

  • So here we are, at the end of an incredible 2012 where many inspiring individuals (and teams for that matter) have shown us just what can be achieved through the vehicle that was The London 2012 Olympics.  Here we are looking toward 2013 and wondering what might be in store for us and perhaps even considering making a New Year’s Resolution.

    Perhaps you want to become more organised, get fit or finally get in touch with people you’ve long lost contact with.  It may even be single tasks such as once and for all cleaning out the garage, binning all the stuff that you’ve not used in 10 years so that you can at long last use the garage for what it was intended… a car.

    Sadly, most New Year’s Resolutions fail.  Some suggest that up to 80% of well meaning resolutions don’t make it past the first week!  In the main this is because there is a lack of desire to make it happen.  Many resolutions are simply made “off the cuff” without any prior forethought or planning.  Couple this with a lack of will to actually make it happen and the well meant resolution is doomed to fail before it has even passed the lips of the one one who is making it.

    The most common resolutions, of course, are stopping smoking and losing weight.  Especially after the excess’ of the festive period.

    Of course, these two issues have become known as the “Bread & Butter” of what a hypnotherapist deals with.  Anyone learning that I am a therapist of this nature will almost automatically say “Oh, so you help people to stop smoking and lose weight then?” despite the fact that we hypnotists successfully deal with a plethora of other issues.  So one could be forgiven for thinking that this time of year would be a busy one for a hypnotherapist, however, this quite simply isn’t the case.  Reasons for this are many and too numerous to list here. So whilst I must confess to some frustration in being seen as a therapist that only deals with these two issues, I will on this occasion bow to public thought and go on to talk briefly about utilising hypnosis to lose weight.

    I have had quite a few clients over the past year, that have a) been rather surprised when I tell them that I’m NOT going to tell them what to eat (in fact I go as far as to tell them to consign their bathroom scales to the dustbin) and b) have subsequently been blown away but just how easy it is to manage their weight.  The 5-step Weight Management Programme that I have spent years fine-tuning, doesn’t deal with WHAT you eat but HOW you eat.  In order to lose weight, you have to change.  There is no arguing about it.  YOU MUST CHANGE!  But, that’s not to say you have to change what you’re eating and be sentenced to rabbit food for the rest of your life.  You can simply eat what you want.  I do!  I drink full-fat milk.  I eat butter, full fat cheese and even succumb to the odd yearning for a kebab.  Yet I am not overweight.  What must change is your eating behaviours and how you frame your thinking concerning food (including any core or emotional issues which may have had you “comfort-eating” in the past).

    The typical yo-yo dieter who attends one of the numerous weight watching clubs that are available will lose the weight.  I’m not saying they won’t.  But, they will put the weight back on because these clubs have a standard business model in that they love nothing better than your repeat business.  For this reason they will not assist you with ways to maintain your new slim self or deal appropriately with your eating behaviours.  They simply want you to come back to them when the weight starts sneaking back on.  After all, they helped before didn’t they?  This sort of dieter will also be drawn to the latest fad diets that are so often published in the dieting and primarily women’s magazines.  The Minister for Women has even been reported in the news to have written an open letter to such publications urging them not to publish such diets in their pages as they will often lead to weight loss at an unhealthy rate.

    Are you reading this and nodding your head in agreement?  How many times have you vowed to diet and lose weight for the last time, perhaps even at this time of year?  Why not try something radical.  Why not allow yourself to be surprised at how easy it is to lose weight and more importantly, keep it off.

    I’d be happy to chat to anyone about their needs and explain further just how the natural state of hypnosis works and how it works to assist you in addressing weight issues.  Give me a ring or drop me an email and I assure you, I will open your eyes to just how easy it is to eat what you want yet still keep the weight off.



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