Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder?

  • Another one of those tired old clichés?  Perhaps.  Regular followers of this blog will have noticed that it has been quite some time since I last posted anything.  In fact, it was New Year’s Eve 2012 that I posted on the vagaries of making New Year’s Resolutions, so many months ago.  Have these followers missed me?RelationshipsAnecdotal evidence would seem to suggest not one bit as very few people have asked “Why aren’t you blogging anymore?” and those that have, have been professional colleagues.  That said, I seem to have a greater case load than when I was regularly blogging.  This, of course seems to fly in the face of the marketing strategy that in order to get your website noticed you have to keep it constantly changing and blogging is an ideal way to do this.  I do suspect, however, that this still holds true and my sudden upturn in case load may be other marketing strategies that have suddenly decided to work.

    Back to the subject of this post though.  I have a friend locally who is having difficulties with their relationship and has decided to test this old cliché to breaking point.  They are going to separate for a month then see what is left and whether it is worth fighting for.  Said couple are really good together so I think in this case it will work.  Absence really will make the heart grow fonder.  But of course this example involves having had love in the first place.  I would suggest that absence of a person or thing you had no attachment to or involvement with in the first place might be seen as a relief!

    Although my friend has only been using me as a sounding board and not formally retaining my services, I watch with interest.  I do hope that it works.


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