The Power of Music – An amazing emotional experience.

  • So there I was, driving down to Weymouth for my Olympic interview and found myself flicking through songs on the CD player.  Now the CD is one that I’ve put together out of the thousands of songs on my iTunes and I found myself truly marvelling at the power that the composer or songwriter holds.  As I see it it falls into three categories. 

    Firstly there’s the song or tune that’s become a favourite and you know where you were when it was released.  It reminds you of that time in your life and brings up the emotions you felt at that time.  It could be sad or happy time but the tune will always bring back those emotions.  A couple with an “Our Song” is a good example of this.  The tune reminding them both of the time they met.  An example in my life is the Enigma album “Cross of Changes”.  Those tunes will always bring back memories of the time I served in Bosnia.

    Secondly there’s the ballad.  The realm of the songwriter that really wants to get a point across or communicate with the listener.  The good songwriter gets it so in tune with the music that it fosters powerful emotions.  Some of the political songs of U2 would be a good example.  If it’s love you’re talking about I can think of no better a writer than Chris de Burgh.  Just the mere words are enough to jerk a tear.

    Thirdly there’s composer.  The classical ones (Mozart, Brahms etc) as well as the modern ones (Vangelis, Jablonsky et al).  Typically they are used for writing the score to films.  They are so skilled  in writing their music that they can conjour the visual and emotion with hardly an eye on the film.

    To the people who have the talent to create and write music and song, I bow to your wonderful creativity!


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