The “Try” Word – How we are negative without even trying.

  • Sometimes, just sometimes the movie world comes up with an absolute gem of a quote.  A very relevant quote in this case is from Yoda in the film “The Empire Strikes Back”.  When training Luke in the ways of the Jedi on the distant swamp planet of Dagobar, Yoda is teaching Luke to use the power of his mind (ok the force) to lift his fighter out of the swamp and Luke says that he’ll try. Yoda retorts in that wonderful backward style of his “NO! Try not! Do, or do not, there is no try”.  PERFECT!  Of course I realise that the realms of Star Wars is complete fantasy, I’m not completely away with the fairies.  But, that quote is one of my favourites because it is so true!  If ever I’m addressing an issue with a child (and children love the word try) I will often use this quote.  It brings me into their world of fantasy whilst teaching a valuable lesson at the same time!

    In my opinion, unless you’re a rugby player, the word TRY has no place in the english language!  To try implies failure nothing else.  So why imply to others all the time that we are going to fail before we even attempt something?   

    Think about it, your boss at work has given you a task and a deadline.  You say “I’ll try” and immediately you’ve implied that you think there is a possibility of failure.  No surprise then that the boss is probably thinking “Yeah right, like that’s going to happen on time.”  Wouldn’t it be much better to say “OK boss but remember you gave me those other tasks to do as well, so which would you like to prioritise?”  This then puts the onus back on him without implying any failure anywhere on your part.  He might even realise that actually, he’s given you too much to do and go and pick on someone else.

    So I challenge you!  Eradicate the word try from your vocabulary!  It has no place in a positive person’s life.



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