The NHS shows an increase in fraud cases.

  • Full article on the NHS showing increases in cases of fraud at and it really doesn’t surprise me.  It seems the bigger the organisation the more it leaks money e.g. the NHS, the MOD and the Government in general!  But lets face it, the more the government squeezes every last drop out of us, the more cases of fraud there will be!  Just take the petrol prices!  Is it only me or isn’t the economy suffering because the government refuse to assist with the price of petrol at the pump.  Part of the price of any item on the shelves in the shops is the cost of getting it there to be sold in the first place.  Therefore, the more the haulier has to pay in fuel the more he’s going to charge for hauling stuff.  The more the shop pays the more they charge for the goods.  The more we have to pay for everyday stuff just to live, the less we have to spend on other things.  I even had to chuckle the other day when I was invited to a fuel protest rally on Facebook.  The majority of the answers the organisers were getting was “Would love to but can’t afford the fuel to get there!”.

    Mind you, it’s not just fraud is it?  It’s general value for money.  Why throw money at a long term cost saving measure, when you can hit a target more quickly by employing a quick (but usually more costly) fix?  The NHS are past masters at this one.

    Rant over!


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