Attendance at the NHS “Have Your Say” Event – Blandford 26 January 2011.

  • Today I will be attending the NHS “Have Your Say” Event being held in Blandford.  I was invited to send my questions in for the panel which I did, but with the advent of The Health & Social Care Bill being read for the second time in parliament at the end of the month, I have more questions up my sleeve for which they will not have been able to prepare so well.

    Now I know that many of you will be saying “Oh but this is just another example of the NHS paying lip service to public consultation”, and to some degree I would agree with you.  But we have to start somewhere!  The fact that this meeting is being attended by Dorset PCT’s Chief Executive, Paul Sly, and the Director of Public Health, Dr. David Phillips, presents a good opportunity to put some awkward questions to the top brass.

    So what are my questions?  Clearly they will be coloured by my profession, however, this makes them no less awkward in my view:

    1.         Shortly before Christmas (2010), the field of hypnotherapy achieved the status of “Voluntary Self-Regulation”.  This has been achieved with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council(CNHC) acting as the external independent regulator.

     a)         As a Department of Health funded organisation (at least presently), what “standing” does the CNHC enjoy within the NHS?

     b)        Would registration with the CNHC afford the therapist better recognition within the NHS?

     2.         Clearly, the NHS must practice evidence based medicine when commissioning services and get value for money, especially in these austere times.

     How does a health care provider, with a firm and robust evidence based (and probably money saving) outcome driven idea, present this idea to the NHS for proper consideration?

     These questions were sent in in December 2010, so I’m expecting them to be prepared for them.  But depending on thier answers I have another for them:

    With the likely break up of the PCT’s under the much publicised Health & Social Care Bill and the “purse strings” being passed in the main to GP Consortia, will this make it easier for GP’s and hospitals alike to retain the services of a properly registered and appropriately trained hypnotherapists where the efficacy of that treatment can be shown?

    I for one, am certainly looking forward to their answers!


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