Job Satisfaction and The Power of a “Thank You” or Compliment.

  • Some of you that are following my blog will have already noted what motivated me to take such a startling turn in my life to go from serving soldier to hypnotherapist / psychotherapist.  Looking back on it, it was quite simply the power of a simple “Thank you”.  When I’d spoken to a colleague who had been through similar psychological trauma to me and he took on board all the little tips and tricks I’d learnt that made me feel better, he went away and put it into practice.  The thanks he gave me some months later made me feel the best I had for a long time!  It was no secret that I was not enjoying the Autumn years of my Army career, yet I was in the pension trap and I was damned if I were going to get out and not see my pension for years to come.  So I stuck with it, not enjoying it and really finding it a struggle to go to work in the mornings.  So when I started nervously looking at just what I was going to do when my time was up, I found that possibly the most important thing for me was that whatever it was I was determined that I was going to ENJOY IT!  I wanted to be doing something that gave me job satisfaction again.

    I certainly do enjoy what I do as it pursues an interest I have had since a youngster.  But the added bonus is the job satisfaction!  From the first vote of thanks I got from my colleague many moons ago until now, I’ve found a simple thank you or small compliment can lead to increased motivation, the person feeling positive and good about themselves and a profound feeling of achievement at a job well done!  I’ll be completely honest here.  There are days that I could just hang up my therapists cap and go find something different to do.  They are rare but they are there.  I am only human after all.  Yet a “thank you” can blow that feeling out the water!  Yesterday wasn’t one of those days, but I did receive an email from a client I’d been seeing over Christmas.  She had been sceptical at the efficacy of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to delete cravings.  When I told her the process would delete her cravings she even went as far as to say “That’s a very bold statement”.  However, delete them we did, somewhat to her surprise and I think the sceptic in her was expecting the effect to wear off. Her email though, stated quite positively “Your magic is still working on me – Thank you”.  Now I don’t pretend that anything I do is “magic”, it’s all evidence based therapy, but I did think what a lovely turn of phrase and the old job satisfaction came flooding in!

    So my tip for you today is – Say “Thank you” for a job well done or a service well received.  Even pay a small compliment.  The power of these small words has a profound affect on those receiving them.  I’m not saying lay it on thick.  That can appear insincere and in the case of compliments make the recipient rather uncomfortable.  But “thanks” is a word that lamentably seems to be underused in this day and age.  Make a point of thanking the people around you, whether at work or in your personal life.  Not only is it polite but I think you’ll find it comes back to you in spades.


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