Sammie’s Weight Management Journey

  • Sammy has decided to immortalise her Weight Management Journey, warts and all, through her blog.  Sammy has decided to undertake the 5-Step Weight Management Process as well as attending weigh-ins at her local slimming club.  In her blog she speaks frankly and openly about her feelings and how she is taking to the therapy I provide.

    Sammy has only completed two of the five steps so far, so is nearer to the beginning of her journey rather than nearing the end of the beginning, i.e. having completed the 5 steps.

    So far, she has started to successfully change her eating behaviours and habits for the better, started to address cravings.  In particular, her comments on hypnosis and EFT can be found by clicking the links.  Please do have a read.  You will see that, as with any weight loss, there is a healthy amount of scepticism and a fair dose of negativity, but this is completely normal.  The one thing the sub-conscious mind detests is change.  Through necessity though, this is exactly what the programme is designed to do.  So it comes as no surprise that the mind can throw in things like “I told you so” or “sod it, you’ve not done as well as expected so you might as well have that bottle of wine”.

    Overall Sammy is taking very well to the therapy and certainly not throwing up any surprises.  All the emotional and core issues that the slimming clubs seem afraid of will be dealt with in the coming sessions, so stick with it Sammy!  Despite what your sub-conscious is telling you, you are doing really well!


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