Sammie’s Weight Management Journey II

  • Ok so a little while ago I posted on Sammie’s Weight Management Journey and her blog on the subject which you can find here.

    Sammy had her third session on Tuesday and I must admit I thought it was going to be hard work having read about the negativity and doubt that had crept in.  But it wasn’t!  We did some trouble-shooting on her Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) methodology and fine tuned a few places where she was going a little wrong.  Immediately the doubt that EFT was not really being effective disappeared to be replaced by a stunning realisation… “Oh! That’s why” (it wasn’t working as well as in session).  To Sammie’s absolute credit, she had and continues to practice the EFT not letting any doubts or negativity get the better of her.

    Sammy has also seized on a couple of wonderful positives!  Most notably, that even though she hasn’t been to a weigh-in for a while (and this does seem to not have the same significance as before), when she puts herself on the bathroom scales she has found that the weight she has lost thus far, at the very least, is staying off! Sammy has identified this as a first ever achievement and is absolutely loving it.  We talked about how the sub-conscious (which hates change) will try to stop you from losing weight (change) and seize upon any and every negativity it can lay it’s mucky paws on.  Sammy is also noting her changes in eating behaviours and what’s more those around and close to her are noticing too!  Brilliant!

    In session we used “The Wall” metaphor.  This is a wonderful and gentle way to break through all the negativity and blocks that might be holding you back from your successful weight loss.  Sammy certainly enjoyed smashing her wall to pieces!

    Overall Sammy is doing extremely well and starting to realise that it’s all achievable!  Well done Sammy and don’t forget, you can use EFT to see off the Marmite toast as well!  *****



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