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  • Those of you that read my last blog post will know that I made myself available to answer questions from the public on Monday and was sat in the foyer of LA Fitness Health Club in Tower Park, Poole.

    One thing occurred to me whilst I was sat there watching the world go by. How few therapists in this field make themselves available in this way. Hypnosis is perhaps the most misunderstood therapy available today, so wouldn’t it make sense for more of us to make ourselves available to the passing public to answer the questions they’ve always wanted to ask yet have been too fearful to pick up the phone and ask. I believe in the power of the mind and the ability of hypnosis to assist us in accessing this power and achieve the lives we really want to have so much, that I have no problems whatsoever with facing the public now and then and promoting hypnosis both as a credible therapy and a reputable profession.
    I just wish more hypnotherapists would do the same!

    I do the same sort of thing when I’m invited to speak to various organisations.  From Rotarys and the W.I. to Driving Instructor Associations, Business Groups and Charities.  I will speak to anyone about what I do, how I do it and the benefit you can gain from utilising this natural therapy.

    When people ask why Hypnotherapy isn’t available on the NHS, I have to say that it hasn’t been approved by the nice people at NICE (pun intended).  If you ask NICE why they haven’t approved it, they will tell you that it hasn’t got enough evidence to support it’s efficacy.  Now it’s just this sort of thing that adds to the general mis-perceptions fuelling the fear in people.  What happens? They won’t use it!  Even thought NICE has approved some things that have a less than shaky evidence base to support them.  The evidence for hypnosis is there.  In this connected world of the Interwibble, all you have to do is spend a few moments looking for it.  The more therapists that get out promoting the evidence we do have and hypnosis in general, the more chance we have (perhaps) that people like NICE will eventually sit up and listen.

    So come on all you therapists, lets have the courage of our convictions and get out there and promote ourselves.  Not just because we believe in what we do but also to better educate the public and attract more people that we can help!


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