The Hypnosis Experience Workshop

  • HypnosisThe roots of hypnosis can be traced back to pre-history.  People have always been fascinated by the perceived power of the hypnotist and the changes that can affect the hypnotised subject.  Obviously the misconceptions of this “perceived power” are fuelled mainly by the stage hypnotist.  Insightz is delighted to present an affordable one-day workshop that will sweep away the mystery behind what the natural state of hypnosis actually is.


    The next presentation of this highly popular workshop is to be confirmed but usually held at the Allendale Community Centre, Wimborne, Dorset.


    During the Hypnotic Experience Workshop you will EXPERIENCE HYPNOSIS and learn to appreciate the benefits of hypnosis for:


    The ability to induce trance is not a gift but a skill, which can be learned relatively easily. During the workshop, all participants will have the opportunity to acquire and develop the skills necessary to induce trance.  During supervised training EVERYONE WILL HYPNOTISE A FELLOW PARTICIPANT AT LEAST TWICE.

    In addition to practical exercises there will also be presentations on:


    This one-day workshop is ideal for any practising alternative and complementary therapists who will be able to utilise the skills gained to further many aspects of their own therapies.  However, anyone attending the workshop will learn new skills which they can utilise to benefit them and enhance their daily lives.

    Whatever your reason for attending, expect a busy, informative, enlightening and fun day.

    For further information or to book your place on this workshop contact Insightz through the Contact Page or call 01202 719397.


    Places are strictly limited to ensure quality of training so book early to avoid disappointment!


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