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  • The Power of Music – An amazing emotional experience.

    So there I was, driving down to Weymouth for my Olympic interview and found myself flicking through songs on the CD player.  Now the CD is one that I’ve put together out of the thousands of songs on my iTunes and I found myself truly marvelling at the power that the composer or songwriter holds.  As I see it it falls into three categories. 

    Firstly there’s the song or tune that’s become a favourite and you know where you were when it was released.  It reminds you of that time in your life and brings up the emotions you felt at that time.  It could be sad or happy time but the tune will always bring back those emotions.  A couple with an “Our Song” is a good example of this.  The tune reminding them both of the time they met.  An example in my life is the Enigma album “Cross of Changes”.  Those tunes will always bring back memories of the time I served in Bosnia.

    Secondly there’s the ballad.  The realm of the songwriter that really wants to get a point across or communicate with the listener.  The good songwriter gets it so in tune with the music that it fosters powerful emotions.  Some of the political songs of U2 would be a good example.  If it’s love you’re talking about I can think of no better a writer than Chris de Burgh.  Just the mere words are enough to jerk a tear.

    Thirdly there’s composer.  The classical ones (Mozart, Brahms etc) as well as the modern ones (Vangelis, Jablonsky et al).  Typically they are used for writing the score to films.  They are so skilled  in writing their music that they can conjour the visual and emotion with hardly an eye on the film.

    To the people who have the talent to create and write music and song, I bow to your wonderful creativity!

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  • Insightz to help out with the 2012 Olympic Games?

    Some time ago they started asking people to volunteer in helping to run the 2012 Olympic Games.  Seeing an opportunity to become involved in something that will only happen once in this country in my lifetime I eagerly applied.

    So I find myself driving to Weymouth this afternoon for an interview.  They’d like me to become an interviewer for applicants at local selection events.  Perhaps they saw a value of having someone in my profession in such a job.  After all, any therapist (but especially hypnotherapists) must possess high interpersonal skills.

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  • Communicating Better – To understand or to be understood, that is the question.

    Kicking off the “Tips & Tricks” Section of my blog is an item on human communication.

    Now, very little of what makes up communication is the actual words we speak (more on this to come in later posts) but for this post focus on just that.  So often people argue because of a misunderstanding.  This can range from a minor disagreement at work or between friends to a full blown marital breakdown!  In the extreme, wars have started over misunderstandings!  How many time do you hear someone saying things like “God he’s so thick, he just doesn’t get it” or “He thinks he so much better than me just because I don’t get what he’s asking for”.  Obviously, there are likely to be many reasons for such rhetoric, but consider this, is it ones responsibility to understand or to be understood?

    I am going to “borrow” from the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) here as one of the presuppositions of NLP sums this up quite nicely:

    “The meaning of ALL communication is the response you get”.

    Put simply, if you say something to someone and they respond differently to that which you expected, they’ve not understood you. However, if they respond as you expected then they have.  Yes, read that again, as I’m sure that for a lot of people this will lead to a complete reversal of their understanding of communication.  Essentially it states that it’s nobodies responsibility to understand another person, but that person’s responsibility to make themselves understood!  We are all different, we all perceive the world in different ways.  It follows therefore, that if you are trying to explain something to someone who perceives the world in a different way to you and they don’t understand, it’s not their problem, it’s yours.  It’s up to you to find a different way of getting your point across.

    So, don’t get annoyed or frustrated with others when they just don’t seem to get you.  Explain it differently and watch the results.  Perhaps better communication?

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  • Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be helped with hypnosis!

    As is often the case in “Therapy Land” it seems that you saw it first in America!  I have had some success in children with borderline ADHD, but this recent article in in the Huffington Post would suggest that utilising hypnosis to teach the child to relax, focus and promote a sense of inner peace and control can be beneficial.  It further denounces the use of drugs as these tend to mask the problem, not deal with it’s root cause.  Something that hypnotherapy is always trying to do.  See the full article here:

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  • Insightz is now on Twitter!

    I must be cooking on gas!  Not only have I got my new website running, linked with Facebook and LinkedIn but now also on Twitter!  Pat on the back for me!

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  • Regulation & The CNHC

    It has been recognised for some time that hypnotherapy needed to be regulated to both protect the public and to progress hypnotherapy as a profession.  The larger of the professional bodies came together under the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum (HRF) to work toward this.  A vote was taken (within the GHR at least, I cannot speak for the other registering bodies) as to which regulatory model to follow.  These ranged from maintaining the status quo i.e. do nothing, to Government led form of federal regulation.  The resultant vote was in favour of “Voluntary Self-Regulation” for each individual (not a practice) which the HRF then worked towards.

    This Voluntary Self-Regulation was achieved in December 2010 with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council opening its registers to hypnotherapists and acting as the external regulator.  This has caused much responsible debate within the profession, but let’s face it, much irresponsible scare-mongering too.  Not least with the infamous “Off-Quack” email distributed anonymously by its originator.  What a shame that whoever did originate that email did not have the courage of their convictions to put their name to it.

    I often give talks to organisations educating them as to what hypnosis is, debunking the myths and promoting the profession as a whole.  Anyone who has attended one of these talks will testify that I am fully in favour of regulation and would wish it to be mandatory.  The fact the absolutely anyone in this country can produce a few leaflets and business cards and call themselves a hypnotherapist off the back of a long weekend course does not sit well with me in the slightest.  The only real way to stop this is to make any form of regulation mandatory, but I am a realist and realise we are some years away from this.

    If you’ve had a look around my website, you will have noticed that I have chosen to become CNHC registered.  It was not a decision I took lightly and it was made after much debate between me, my peers and some of the top therapists in the profession.  Taking into consideration that anyone not registering should not be seen in any lesser a light than those who have chosen register, I have taken all sides of the argument into consideration (including the Off-Quack ones) and found, on balance, in favour of registering, although I have done so with reservations.

    One of the most common arguments against regulation in this form is that the therapist perceives no value from registering.  I believe this to be a moot point as the CNHC is acting as an external regulator and therefore are there to protect the public, not facilitate the therapist.  The CNHC will take on the complaints process from the registering bodies, thereby freeing them up to provide a better service to the therapist.  I feel that showing yourself to have enough belief in yourself and the service you offer by registering for an extra layer of protection to the public can only speak for you as a therapist.

    There is disquiet amongst the profession about being lumped in with other less evidence based therapies.  I can understand this but feel we can also turn this into a positive.  I see it as a chance to shine and to stand out from the others.

    I also feel that, having reservations, it would be better to voice my concerns from within the organisation as a registered member rather than as a muted voice from the clamouring from the outside.

    I agree that the CNHC has probably opened its registers to hypnotherapy earlier than expected to gain the extra revenue in light of their probable loss of Department of Health funding at the end of March 2011.  However, I’m willing to overlook this due to their special offer to registered hypnotherapists making the first years cost rather negligible.

    I also agree that the individuals sitting on the Profession Specific Board for THREE years is far too long.  They have not been elected to the job and although I agree that someone has to do it while this regulation “settles in”, I feel this initial period of three years needs to be reduced to a year otherwise we run the risk of stagnation within the CNHC.

    In summary, and at the risk of sticking my head above the parapet, I am in favour of this external regulation.  It is; after all, better than maintaining the status quo.  Doing nothing was not an option in my book, so let’s pick it up and work with it!  We all have the public’s best interests at heart, therefore, any regulation is better than none at all!  Only the less than well trained or disreputable therapist has anything to fear from this.

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  • New! Online Appointment Scheduler

    I must be cooking on gas!  I have decided to trial an Online Appointment Scheduler for those who have tried hypnosis before or are otherwise ready to book an appointment straight away.

    Try it out here!

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  • New site running!

    Ok so here we are!  Some time ago I decided that my old site was not putting me out there as well as it could.  For one thing it was static!  It never moved, it’s content never changed. 

    I tried to integrate a blog into my old site which didn’t work and I feel my attempts and colourful language would have made for a lot of laughs amongst the more seasoned bloggers out there.  So after much advice from various sources I decided to completely re-build my site from scratch (although I still messed it up and lost the whole lot once).

    Much wailing and gnashing of teeth later here I am!  New site, integrated blog and the ability to do a lot more with it a lot more easily.  In the coming months I’ll be posting regularly on matters of hypnosis, the power of the mind and perhaps more importantly giving you some tips on how you can utilise the power of your mind for your benefit!

    I’m sure the site will also get the odd tweak and new pages here and there too as I continue to educate myself in this weird and wonderful cyberworld.  Now where was that backup button?  Think I’ll keep the old site handy as well… Just in case I have to fall back.

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