Exam Nerves / Study Focus

  • There is no getting away from the fact that our education system is centred around testing and examination as a confirmatory exercise to our learning. Great importance is attached to gaining qualifications in order to progress through life not only as children but also in adult life. It is little wonder then, that many of us are extremely nervous when it comes to a test scenario. For some extreme cases, the act of just walking into an exam hall can be a debilitating experience. We worry about how we’ll do, have we revised well enough, have we even learnt the subject properly in the first place. All of this worry detracts from our ability to recall the information needed in a timely manner thus creating more worry and a vicious circle. Hypnosis can be used to calm the mind and body, improve the memory and speed recall of facts needed to complete the work required. Learning can be seen as a pain by many of us, especially if we do not enjoy the subject. Again, hypnosis can be used to make learning an enjoyable experience and something we want to do as well as improving the minds focus on study.