Weight Reduction / Control

  • There are many clinical reasons why we may be over or underweight and these should be discounted by your GP before undertaking a course of hypnotherapy. However, there are many more psychological reasons that can be explored with the use of the hypnotic state. Comfort eating, addiction, depression are but a few of these. Quite often we hear people say “I’ve been on a diet all my life and can never seem to get down beyond X stone.” This in itself is a psychological block. Hypnosis does not tell you what to eat or which of the many diets to try but it does deal with the root cause of why you might be eating unhealthily. Hypnosis can also help you with the motivation to gain the look you want and deal with any psychological blocks you may have to achieving your ideal weight and keeping it that way. However, it is NOT a magic wand and anyone wishing to use hypnosis in this way must be prepared to put in the work in partnership with the therapist.