Street Hypnosis

  • So what is the difference between Street Hypnosis and Stage Hypnosis.  Well, Stage Hypnosis tends to be a large show, picking people out of the audience and onto the stage for ridicule and to be frank, is usually geared at making the hypnotist look good, not often making the participants look good.  90% of the time it is done with very little consideration for advertising the therapeutic effects hypnosis can have.  To be fair, there are a few stage hypnotists who have managed to tread the very thin line in achieving this but they are few and far between.  Ormond Mcgill in the USA and Johnathan Chase in the UK are possibly the best I have come across at treading this line.  You will often hear a hypnotherapist cursing the stage art as it has become the public face of what hypnosis is and as most stage hypnotists play on the “I can make you do anything” line, this has of course become unhelpful when the therapist has to waste time with a client putting them right before they can even get started.

    So why am I paradoxically offering to perform hypnosis for entertainment.  Well, this is where street hypnosis is different.  It is far more intimate and spontaneous in much the same way as you might have a table magician walking the tables at your function.  It is done with the utmost respect for the participants and always advertising the power of their minds, moreover the power of the mind for therapeutic effect.  This thin line is a lot easier to tread with street hypnosis and whilst I would be there to facilitate your entertainment it always conducted in a way that benefits the participant, not me.  I am, as the previous sentence suggests, the facilitator.  You and your guests are the stars!

    Please contact me if you would like to discuss booking me for small functions, parties or other gatherings.


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